naval histories recently added in stock.

Ships and shipping in medieval manuscripts by Joe Flatman  hard cover, dust wrapper published by british library 1st 2009 £15.00.         Tudor sea power by David Childs pub by Seaforth hard cover  dust wrapper 1st 2009 £15.00.             Anatomy of the Ship - The ships of Christopher Columbus by Xavier Pastor H/C,  D/W, pub by Conway 2005 edition […] Read more »

recently added military

The History of the 6th Battalion The black watch 1939-1945 1st edition 1948 by B.J.G Madden   published  By D.Leslie in Perth with 20 maps and 21 illustrations £60.00. History of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Battalion reconstituted European Campaign 1944-45 by Major W.L.McELwee published in 1949 £60.00.Sold   Liliane and FredFunken ARMS AND UNIFORMS OF THE […] Read more »

aviation books

Now in stock over 400 aviation books.   1st world war some published during the  war, books published during the twenties through to the thirties and books relating to the second world war and after along with air travel. Windsock mini data files. All At £5.00. EACH. no  18 dfw Flea.                                                                                           .  no 25 Fokker d.v111.   no 31 phonix d.1-11   no […] Read more »

osprey campaign series all at £7.00 each.

Thermopylae 480 BC Sold Plataea 479 BC  SOLD Tannenberg 1410 AD   SOLD The fall of English France 1449-53 [ Sold] Ireland 1649-52 [SOLD] Cullodon 1746 New York 1776 Gibralter 1779 Austerlitz 1805 Jena 1806 sold Waterloo 1815 Normandy 1944. Iraq 1941 Operation Crusader 1941 pearl harbour 1941  the Doolittle raid 1942 midway 1942 Battle of the […] Read more »


the memoirs of sergeant Bourgone 1812-1813 foreword by David Chandler pub in 1979 £6.00. The anatomy of glory- Napoleon and his Guard by Henry lachouque and Anne S.K. brown   pub in 1978 £15.00. SOLD  l,uniforme et les armes des soldats du premier empire 2 volume set by liliane et Fred Funcken  pub in 1968 by casterman […] Read more »


History of the conquest of Mexico with a preliminary view of the ancient Mexican civilisation and the life of Hernando Cortes by William H. Prescott, 3 volume set published in 1844. £45.00.  Amherst and the conquest of Canada-commander in Chief in North America from September 1758 to December 1760 by the Army Records Society. published […] Read more »


every rock every hill- the plain tale of the northwest frontier and Afghanistan by Victoria schofield pub in 1984 £7.00. Legacy of the Somme 1916- the battle in fact,film,and fiction by Gerald Gliddon pub 1996 £6.00. From the Somme to the Armistice- the memories of Captain Stormont Gibbs pub 1986 £8.00. Mons by John Terraine […] Read more »


 Cannon Fodder,1st W.W. by A. Stuart Dolden 1st edition 1980.£6.00. Sassoons long journey edited by Paul Fussell 1st edition 1983 £15.00. SOLD Byng of Vimy 1st W.W. by Jeffery Williams 1st edition 1983 £10.00. A Time To leave the ploughshares 1917 by William Carr 1st edition 1975 £7.00. Diary of a World War 1 Cavalry officer […] Read more »