the memoirs of sergeant Bourgone 1812-1813 foreword by David Chandler pub in 1979 £6.00.

The anatomy of glory- Napoleon and his Guard by Henry lachouque and Anne S.K. brown   pub in 1978 £15.00. SOLD

 l,uniforme et les armes des soldats du premier empire 2 volume set by liliane et Fred Funcken  pub in 1968 by casterman £30.00.   SOLD.

Rifles- Six Years With Wellingtons Legendary Sharpshooters, by Mark Urban. pub in 2003, £10.00.  SOLD.

arms and uniforms- ancient Egypt to the 18th century and 18th century to present day 2 volume set by liliane and Fred Funcken pub in 1972 £30.00. SOLD.

My god Maiwand- operations of the south Afghanistan field force 1878-1880 by Leigh Maxwell pub In 1979 £10.00.

Escape from the French- Captain Hewsons narrative 1803-1809 edited by Anthony Brett-James  published in 1981, £10.00.

Napoleon-a political life. by Steven Englund  published in 2004,  £10.00.

Villiers Stuart on the frontier by R.M. Maxwell 1894-1914 pub in 1989£10.00. Sold

The Napoleonic Soldier- Coloured photographs by Stephen E Maughan. published in 1999.  £15.00.

Napoleonic Wars-Napoleons Army by Rene Chartrand.   Brasseys history of uniforms, coloured plates by Christa Hook. £8.00.

Hussars of the Napoleonic wars  by Kenneth ulyatt, published in 1981  £6.00.

the savage border- the story of the north west frontier by Jules Stewart pub in 2007 £10.00.

The Soldier Who Walked Away, autobiography of Andrew Pearman a peninsular war vetran, edited by Arthur H. Haley £8.00. SOLD

Who Was Who in the Napoleonic wars by Philip J Haythornwaite, published in 1998  £10.00.

The Martinet Prints -Napoleons army 1807-1814, by Guy C Dempsey Jr, p/b 1997  £8.00. SOLD

The letters of private wheeler 1809-1828 foreword by liddell hart pub in 1951 £8.00.

A gentleman volunteer-the letters of George Hennell from the peninsular war 1812-1813 edited by Michael Glover pub in 1979 £8.00.  SOLD

Waterloo letters -a collection of accounts from survivors of the campaign edited by major general h.t.Siborne pub in 2015 £10.00. Sold

The fall of Napoleon- the final betrayal, by David Hamilton- Williams, published in 1994, £10.00.

Napoleon- the last phase, by Lord Rosebury, published in 1900,£10.00. SOLD

Wellingtons Lieutenant- Napoleons Gaoler, by Gareth Glover, published in 2004, £8.00. SOLD

Wellingtons military machine and Napoleons military machine both by Philip J Haythornwaite, published 1989, both at £8.00.

The Napoleonic war journal of captain Thomas Henry Browne 1807-1816 by the Army Records Society.   published in 1987, £10.00. SOLD

At Wellingtons right hand-the letters of lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alexander Gordon 1808-1815 by the Army Records Society.published in 2003, £10.00.Sold.

Charles Napier 1782-1853 friend and fighter by Rosamond Lawrence pub in 1952 £6.00.

 wellingtons peninsular war by Julian Paget, signed copy published 1990 £10.00. SOLD

 dreams of empire-Napoleon and the first world war 1792-1815 by Paul fregosi pub 1989 £10.00.

napoleons wars-an international history 1803-1815 by Charles Esdaile pub 2007 £10.00.

Napoleon in Egypt by Paul Strathern pub in 2007 £10.00.

Captain Liddell Hart, the history of the Tank in two volumes, first editions 1959 with dust covers £80.00.

LT-COL Sir Richard Verdin, The Cheshire Yeomanry 1898-1967 first edition 1971 with dust cover. £20.00.

Fochs the man of Orleans by Liddell Hart first edition 1931. £10.00.

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