naval histories recently added in stock.

Ships and shipping in medieval manuscripts by Joe Flatman  hard cover, dust wrapper published by british library 1st 2009 £15.00. 

       Tudor sea power by David Childs pub by Seaforth hard cover  dust wrapper 1st 2009 £15.00.

            Anatomy of the Ship - The ships of Christopher Columbus by Xavier Pastor H/C,  D/W, pub by Conway 2005 edition £15.00. 

   Anatomy of the ship -The Frigate Diana by David White H/C ,D/W, pub by Conway 2004 edition £15.00.

          Anatomy of the Ship-The 32 Gun Frigate Essex by Portia Takakjian  H/C, D.W pub by Conway  2004 edition £15.00.

        Six Frigates- How Piracy, war and British supremacy gave birth to the worlds most powerful navy. by Ian w. Toll. H/B, D/W. pub by Michael Joseph,1st 2006 £8.00.

       The Four Days battle of 1666 by  Frank l. Fox. H/B. D/W. pub by Seaforth 2009 edition £10.00. 

The 50 gun ship by Rif Winfield H/C, D/W. pub by Caxton 1st edition 2002 £15.00.

The Global Schooner, origins, development,design  and construction 1695-1845 by karl Heinz Marquardt H/C, D/W pub by Conway 1st edition 2003 £15.00.

Naval warfare in the age of sail- The evolution of fighting tactics 1650-1850 by Brian Tunstall, pub by Wellfleet H/C, D/W, 2001 edition £15.00.

The Naval war of 1812 pub by Caxton H/C, D/W  2001 edition £10.00.

Fleet Battle and Blockade- The French Revolutionary War 1793-1797 pub by Caxton H/C, D/W 2001 edition £10.00.

Nelsons Ships -A History of the vessels in which he served 1771-1805 by Peter Goodwin H/C, D/W pub by Conway 1st edition 2002 £15.00.

The Victory of Seapower- Winning the Napoleonic war 1806-1814 by Richard Woodman, H/C, D/W. pub by Chatham 1st edition 1998 £15.00.

Nelson Against Napoleon- From the Nile to Copenhagen 1798-1801 pub by Caxton, H/C, D/W 2001 edition £10.00.

The Ship Of the line volume 2, Design, construction and Fittings by Brian Lavery, H/C, D/W, pub by Conway 1st edition 1984 £15.00.

Nelsons Battles- The Art of Victory in the age of sail by Nicholas Tracy, H/C, D/W pub by Caxton 2001 edition £12.00.

Conway History of the Ship- The Line of Battle in the Sailing Warship 1650-1840 soft cover, consultant editor Brian Tunstall 2004 edition £10.00.

H.M.S Warrior 1860 – Victorias Ironclad deterent by Andrew Lambert H/C, D/W pub by Naval Institute press 2011 edition £15.00.



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