every rock every hill- the plain tale of the northwest frontier and Afghanistan by Victoria schofield pub in 1984 £7.00.

Legacy of the Somme 1916- the battle in fact,film,and fiction by Gerald Gliddon pub 1996 £6.00.

From the Somme to the Armistice- the memories of Captain Stormont Gibbs pub 1986 £8.00.

Mons by John Terraine pub 1960 £8.00.

Before the war by Viscount Haldane pub 1920 £8.00.

Dervish- the rise and fall of an African empire by Philip Warner pub in 1973 £6.00.

 War on the western front, in the trenches of world war one], pub by Osprey 2007 £8.00.

 the sword of the Prophet-the Mahdi of Sudan and the death of general Gordon by Fergus Nicoll pub in 2004 £10.00.

  never to be taken alive-a biography of General Gordon by Roy Macgregor Hastie pub in 1985 £8.00.

Shakas children- a history of the Zulu people by Stephen Taylor pub in 1994 £10.00.

 Warrior chiefs of southern Africa by Ian Knight pub in 1994 £8.00.  SOLD     

  Zulu frontiersman by Major C.G. Dennison pub in 2008 £10.00.

 D.C.F.Moodie- Moodies Zulu War intro by John Laband published In South Africa 1988 scarce£10.00.

The Hawker Hurricane by Francis Mason pub in 1962 £10.00.

Out of the Blue, A Pilot With the Chindits, by Terrence Obrien pub in 1984 £8.00.

D-Day Bombers, The Veterans  Story by Stephen Darlow pub in 2002 £8.00.


Birth of a Spitfire-A remarkable story of one mans determination to build and fly his very own spitfire, by Clive Du Cros pub 1993 £15.00.

Halifax and Wellington, aircraft at war by Chas Bowyer pub in 1994 £8.00.


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