History of the conquest of Mexico with a preliminary view of the ancient Mexican civilisation and the life of Hernando Cortes by William H. Prescott, 3 volume set published in 1844. £45.00.

 Amherst and the conquest of Canada-commander in Chief in North America from September 1758 to December 1760 by the Army Records Society. published in 2001. £10.00. Sold

The journal of Corporal Todd 1745-1762 by the Army Records Society. published in 2001. £10.00. SOLD

Glory- the royal navy 1914-1939 by Max Arthur pub 1996 £8.00.

US warships of world war one by Paul Silverstone pub 1970 £8.00.

Janes fighting ships of world war one 1990 edition £10.00.

Russia and the allies 1917-1920, the allies and the Russian collapse march 1917- march 1918 by Michael kettle pub 1981 £10.00. Sold.

THE CUXHAVEN RAID – The Worlds First Carrier Air Strike. BY R.D.LAYMAN.  1985 £8.00.

Elizabethan Naval Administration. £5.00. by the Naval records society.

The Expedition of Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Norris to Spain and Portugal in 1589. £5.00. by The Naval Records Society. SOLD

British Naval Documents 1204-1960. £5.00. by the Naval Records Society.

The Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy 1660-1815.£5.00. by the Naval Records Society.

Seaboard Life and Organisation 1731-1815. £10.00. by the Naval records Society.SOLD

The Channel Fleet and the Blockade of Brest 1793-1807. £5.00. by the Naval Records Society. SOLD

The Rodney Papers 2 volumes 1742-1780. £20.00. by the Naval Records Society.

Chatham Dockyard 1815-1865. £5.00. by the Naval Records Society.

Sea Power and the control of trade 1854-1970. £5.00. by the Naval Records Society.

The Milne Papers, Admiral of the Fleet 1820-1859. £5.00.. by the Naval records Society.

Naval Intelligence from Germany 1906-1914. £ the Naval Records Society. SOLD

The Maritime Blockade of Germany in the Great War 1914-1918. £ the Naval Records Society. Sold

the Royal Navy in Mediterranean 1915-1918. £10.00. by the Naval Records Society. SOLD


THE ROAD TO RUSSIA-THE ARTIC CONVOYS 1942 BY Bernard Edwards  2002 £8.00.

U-Boat versus aircraft by Norman Franks & Eric Zimmerman 1998 £10.00.  Sold.

Janes Fighting Ships 1957-58,  1959-60, 1961-62, 1063-64, 1965-66. All £15.00. each.

The Victory of Sea power[winning the Napoleonic war 1806-1814] by Richard Woodman. h/b £15.00

.The Naval War of 1812 caxton edition published 2001 h/b £15.00. Sold

 British Warships in the age of sail 1714-1792. Seaforth publications by Rif Winfield .published 2007, h/b £15.00. Sold

 The Anglo Dutch Naval Wars 1652-1674. Sutton publications 1998 h/b £10.00.  SOLD

.Nelsons Navy -the ships, men and organisation 1793-1815. Conway publications 1989 by Brian Lavery h/b £20.00. Sold

Lincolns Navy, The Ships, Men and Organisation 1861-65. Conway publication 1989 by Donald l Canrey h/b £15.00.

Seaman Garneray by Roland Wilson. Argyll publication 2003. h/b £10.00. SOLD

Confederate Navy, The Ships Men and Organisation 1861-1865. Conway publication 1989, by William N Still Jr h/b £15.00.

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