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The History of the 6th Battalion The black watch 1939-1945 1st edition 1948 by B.J.G Madden   published  By D.Leslie in Perth with 20 maps and 21 illustrations £60.00.

History of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Battalion reconstituted European Campaign 1944-45 by Major W.L.McELwee published in 1949 £60.00.Sold

  Liliane and FredFunken ARMS AND UNIFORMS OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS- 2 volume set English translation with dust covers excellent condition volume 1 1st edition 1972 volume 2 1st edition 1973 £50.00. also 2 volume set in French £40.00.

Aircraft of the German war 1st edition  1914 by Massac Buist with 6 illustrations £25.00.

.ALBANICH-a history of the Galloway rifle volunteers, 1st edition limited to 500 signed copies this is no 343 by Ian Devlin. large hardback. £35.00. 

 THE WHITE WAR-life and death on the Italian front 1915-1919 by Mark Thompson 1st edition hardback 2008 £12.00.

.SIR JOHN FROISSARTS CHRONICLES- fromEdward11 to Henry 1v England France and Spain, 2 volumes these editions published in 1855 £40.00.

Nelsons Ships. A History of the vessels in which he served 1771-1805 by peter Goodwin published by Conway with d/w 2002 £15.00.

 .Life of Frederick the great- Silesian campaign and the seven years war by Francis Kugler  pub in 1877 £35.00.

The victory of sea power,winning the Napoleonic war 1806-1814 by Richard woodman published by Conway with d/w 1998 £15.00.

The history of the conquest of Mexico 3 volune set by William Prescott  pub in 1844 £45.00.

The Noble Revolt -the overthrow of Charles the first  by John Adamson    pub in 2007 h/b £10.00









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